8/12: Doing the “Moving Towards”


Last week I was given the opportunity to restart one of my direct sales businesses with a “golden ticket” (which means for free).


I really enjoyed my time as a —— business owner. I loved the parties I ran, the people I met, the social engagement of it, the teaching, the learning. The products!


It really was great fun. And sometimes I miss it.


So I was immediately tempted, even though I already have 2 businesses!


This morning I realized I needed to stop spinning about this and get some clarity.


And so I sat with 2 questions.


I first asked myself, self, what’s your vision, the way you want to see yourself making a difference in the world through your work? Would this be in alignment?


The answer to that was well, this has a good bit of alignment to it. It’s not completely aligned, but it does have quite a few of my vision aspects in it, the way I do it.


Hmmm. That’s not a strong yes, but it’s not a no.


Then I asked myself, self, what are you MOVING TOWARDS these days?


And that stopped me cold.


I’m moving towards making a good living with my work. I’m moving towards having my businesses fully support me with ease and flow and joy and Light, so that I work, I earn, I make a difference in the world, and I am not worried about money.


And as much as I succeeded in, and loved that business, as much as I climbed that ladder, and as hard and as consistently as I worked it, I never did make much money with it.


That company just simply does not pay well enough to meet my moving towards.


So often we make Move Away From decisions, rather than Moving Towards decisions. And they have completely different energies!


We’ll make a choice to do something so that we can move away from something we don’t like, to do a quick fix of something, to avoid discomfort..


We get tempted by a Move Away From when we hit a dry spell in our budget, in our cash flow, in the growth of our dream.


It can be so tempting to Move Away From figuring out what needs to change and to simply jump into something that might look easier


But if you sit and focus on what you WANT, what you’re aiming for, what your vision is, and what you are Moving Towards, your energy will come back up, you’ll see the next best step for YOU and your Moving Towards dream, and you most likely see that that Moving Away From really doesn’t hold your answer, or Light you up.


Now, I’m not saying actions based on moving away from aren’t valid. Sometimes the urge to do a Moving Away From is exactly the catalyst we need to make an important change in our lives, our businesses, our relationships, our dreams.


But once you take that Moving Away From step, or contemplate it, be sure to then switch up that energy, and start coming back to the Moving Towards.


Because THAT’s what Lights You Up. That’s where your dream is. That’s what’s going to bring you to forward motion, and to contentment.


What’s your Moving Towards? Can you let it pull you forward today?


Maybe next month we’ll do a start your day with a Moving Towards challenge!


in peace,


Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
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p.s. Remember — if you are stuck and spinning, I’m here to help. Sessions by phone, video conferencing, in the offices. I can work with you wherever in the world you are.




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