A Quick New Way to Ground with Color!

A Quick New Way to Ground with Color!

The angels gave this to me to share with you.


A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post
by Dina Kennedy, www.dinakennedy.com


I love this!


Over in the Dishing With Dina group on facebook (where anything goes and nothing’s random) we opened August with a 5 day grounding challenge. (hey – feel free to come join us there – we’re a nice group).


On Day 4, during my morning meditation, the angels gave me a new way to use color for grounding that’s quick, effective, and just lovely. I’ve done it 3x as of this writing, with a different color coming to me each time (sigh of delight).


I share it here with you. Remember this one if it clicks for you, and do it as often as you think of it.


Here’s how to do it.


Take a nice breath in. Exhale with a sigh. Take another nice breath in, stretch your toes, exhale.


Then close your eyes, and ask for a color for grounding to come to you now. I say “I ask for a color for grounding to come to me now, thank you.”


You may see, sense, hear the name of the color, suddenly think about a color, or even get black or white. You may suddenly notice a color in the room, or out the window. Whatever color comes in, in whatever way, is the right one.


Just start breathing in that color, or imagine that color moving into your body, and let it wind its way around and through you as you relax and breathe.


When you’ve had enough, or feel done, simply open your eyes, take another breath, thank the color, and feel how your body and grounding have shifted.


Let me know how that one worked for you! I loveĀ it, thanks angels!

In peace,

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