About the new class & workshop deposit requirement:

I’ve had a couple of people write to ask why I am asking for a deposit on the Intro to Shamanic Journey Work workshop, and all future classes and workshops. Thanks for asking! Here’s my why and my hope.
I got soft with requiring deposits the first time I said I was going to require then because of student push back. Live and learn, as they say! That’s not supporting me in my offerings to you, or me in my business.
Yesterday 2 of 4 people who had registered were no shows. I have to purchase the books from the Center of Being for any IET related class, so I had purchased 5 books (at the time when I had to submit the order I had 5 registrants), plus shipping. Add on the rental cost for my space for the day, and I netted only $8 from one of the 2 fees collected yesterday. And I have 3 extra books that I won’t need until next November.
My hope with requiring a deposit which will be non-refundable if you cancel 48 hours or less or if you no-show (unless I fill your spot) is that:
(1) you will be committed to what you register for, allowing me to keep bringing you the classes and workshops you want, and
(2) I will be able to afford to keep bringing you classes and workshops you want.
This is my work. I do it for you. But it’s a two way street. If you don’t support me in return I won’t be here.
Hope that helps.

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