“Above the Weather”

“Above the Weather”

A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post

Dina Kennedy



This morning someone said to me: “I really like your attitude. I am always below the weather, but you are always above the weather. It’s like you just float along. I really like that.”


I laughed, thanked him, and said – “ “above the weather” – I love that! I’m going to remember that one.”


He shook his head and replied, with a sigh: “I don’t know how you do it but you are always there. Whenever I see you that’s where you are.”


And then I said – “well, I really work at it. I’m always working on staying above the weather.”


How about you?


How do you lift above your weather?


Most of us don’t want to be under the weather. And most of us don’t want to be buffeted by the weather.


For me, when I get to either of those places, and I catch myself there, I shift it.


Self awareness, and staying present to the moment you are actually in, right then and there, really helps with this. If you can see that you are stuck in some weather, if you can catch that, you can shift it.


Some days it’s easy. Some days take a bit more effort.


Awareness, self kindness, and knowing you can shift will start the lift.


Using your tools – the ones you’ve learned from working with me over the years, the ones you’ve added to your life and to your daily routines – takes you higher in the lift.


Setting, and holding your intention to get there, above the weather, is the rocket of energy that gets you up over the clouds.


And the next day, do it again. And again. Every day that you can.


After a while spent above the weather, that’s where you’ll want to be. At that point, shifting yourself there will become second nature to you.


Why? Because life just feels better, and life just flows better, from there.


No, I am not being a pollyanna here. You really can do this. I really have trained myself to do this, and I work at it constantly. Over and over, day by day, I catch myself, and then lift myself.


Be patient, and be consistent as you begin to hold yourself “above the weather.”


Wouldn’t you like to give yourself the pleasure and the relief of being above the clouds and storms?


If you don’t think you can get there alone, please do find someone to work with to help you shift your energy in this way – it may be me (in the office or by phone), your therapist, a nonjudgmental good listening friend, another healer, your minister.


There’s nothing wrong with getting help and support in our growing and shifting.


Once you are up there enjoying being above the weather, you’ll know that all the effort and all the shifting you did to get there was worth it.


I’ll see you there.





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