Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of 9/19!

Here is your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of September 19. As always, I asked the angels to please give me a message for my clients, students and followers.

Today the angels directed me to the high vibration Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, 2 card pull.

Oh. Powerful indeed.

Card 1: HOPE. The message on this card is: “I trust that God has a wonderful solution and brilliant plans in store for me.”

If God is not a term that you are comfortable with, please substitute your own word here, and re-read this message of encouragement, trust, knowing and HOPE.

This is a card of reassurance – there is a solution being lined up, even if you don’t see it yet. This is a card of coming out of and moving forward into, as the wonderful solution that IS being aligned also comes with “brilliant plans” which will most likely inspire you into action. The time to move forward is just about here!

This card asks that you continue to Hope the positive, turn your worries over to God and the angels, and stay tuned for the signs that are heading your way. There is so much love for you pouring from this card!

Card 2: FORGIVENESS. The message is: “I am willing to release old resentments so that I may enjoy my life.”

Not forgiving is a very sharp and dense energy. I sometimes “see” it as barbed wire tangled in someone’s energy field. Non forgiveness really only harms you, the holder of the resentment. By forgiving we are not condoning, we are releasing our SELF from that energy, stepping free, shaking it off, and moving forward.

To me these two cards are so intertwined today. The HOPE card is about looking ahead, holding the hope, knowing that you’ll be moving shortly. The message the angels shared around that is to look for the signs. The FORGIVENESS card is a sign placed right in your path! Again, the sequence was (1) angels say watch for the signs to around the resolution to this situation (HOPE card), and immediately we are reminded of how important it is to forgive, if we want to enjoy our life. Follow that?

Forgiveness is never easy, so please do call upon all of the angels and Archangels, and yes, the non-denominational Mother Mary, Queen of Angels, to help you forgive and let go into your healing now. It’s time, the angels are right there with your right now, just waiting to be asked. Use them.

You are so loved.

And with that, we are complete.

Until the next time,
Dina Kennedy
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