Angels In Your Inbox!

Angels In Your Inbox! 


If you’d like

  • Regular, loving guidance and support from the angelic realm

If you’re seeking

  • A higher, more expansive perspective on what’s unfolding in your life on a real time basis

If you’re ready

  • To tap into Source energy via the angels when you need and want it most

If you want

  • To make choices and decisions in alignment with your highest good and with your soul,

If you’d like to know

  • What the angels would  love to tell you, in a regular, ongoing way


Then ANGELS IN YOUR INBOX  is for you!


What is Angels in Your Inbox ?

  • A monthly subscription service, cancellable at any time
  • Brought to you by Certified Angel Card Reader &Channel Dina Kennedy


What You’ll Receive with your Angels in Your Inbox subscription:

  • 2 Angel Card Readings/Channeled Messages per month, delivered to your email inbox
  • When you want them
  • On the question of your choice (or just have me ask the angels what they want you to know just now)
  • When you are ready to ask for help, clarity, support, and direction!

Think of it as ANGELS ON DEMAND!

Ready to sign up? Scroll to the bottom of the page for

the details and sign up form!

What makes ANGELS IN YOUR INBOX  so great?

With a Monthly Package,

  • You’ll be getting answers and guidance when you want it
  • You’ll be in an ongoing dialogue with your angels, through me
  • You’ll be getting ongoing support and encouragement from your angels
  • You’ll have “angels on demand” !

With 2 Angel Card Readings/Channeled Messages available to you and delivered to your inbox each month:

  • You can tap into the angels when you most want to
  • You can ask the angels for guidance and interpretation of events and challenges as they arise in your life, on a real time basis
  • You’ll be frequently reminded of and feel how much the angels love you


Ok, ready for it?

Your Investment for ANGELS IN YOUR INBOX

is only $66 per month!

Crazy, right? I know!

Payment is made via paypal, and you will be automatically billed each month. You can cancel at any time (no refund for the month if any readings have been delivered for that month though).

But before you sign up – here’s the disclaimer. Angel Card Readings/Channeled Messages with Dina Kennedy are for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended to, nor should they, take the place of your regular traditional medical or mental health care.

Ready to get started?

Just fill out this form — please put ANGELS in the subject line – and we’ll get you rolling!