Are You, or is Someone You Know, Ready to Reiki?

Are you, or is someone you know, ready to learn Reiki? Or to repeat your Level 1 training?



Are you ready to reduce stress, and regain balance in your life?

Are you ready to start breathing again?

Are you trying to shift but feeling stuck?

Are you spinning your wheels?

Do you have constant low level discomfort or pain in the body?

Are you ready for Reiki?




Reiki is an ancient art of hands on healing that is easy to learn, easy to use, and it gets results.

In Reiki Level I you will learn what Reiki is and is not (did you know that Reiki is covered by insurance in many countries?), you’ll learn the history of Reiki, you’ll learn about the energy body and how it influences your entire life, and you will learn to give yourself and others Reiki Level 1 Reiki.

It’s a life shifter.

I am thinking about putting together a Reiki Level 1 class in Long Lake one day in August. It would be on either a Wednesday, a Friday, or a Saturday, and would run from 10-4. The cost is $125, $65 to repeat (if you did your original Reiki 1 with someone other than Dina you also need your Reiki 1 of higher certificate to register).

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know by the end of Saturday 7/8.

I need at least 5 people registered to hold this class.

Hope this is for you – remember – let me know by the end of Saturday 7/8 if you might be interested. You can reach me at

And please share!

In peace,

Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives

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