Angel Card Readings/Channeled Messages

Angel Card Readings/Channeled Messages


If you are looking for clarity, if you have questions about your life, career, soul purpose, life path, health, relationships, job, finances, etc., if you are seeking guidance from the angelic realm, this is for you.

Dina has been consciously channeling information from the angelic realm for her clients for close to 20 years, and now you can tap into her abilities to connect on your behalf through the Angel Card Reading/Channeled Messages services offered here!

Dina’s readings combine the divination tools known as Oracle Cards her gemstones and crystals, and her connection as an angel channel to bring you loving, thoughtful, helpful assistance, guidance, healing, and clarity from your angels. Readings are detailed and presented exactly as received (kind of like taking dictation!).

Please see testimonials below.


You have two ways to use this service:

(1) Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message over the phone: $111

With this service you will spend about 50 minutes with Dina connecting to the cards and to the angels to answer your questions, address your concerns, and to dive deeply into what it is that the angels want YOU to know, RIGHT NOW. Our time together is filled with Light and Love and clear guidance.


(2) Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message delivered via email: $66

With this service you will email Dina your question/area of concern, and she will connect to the cards and angels, then email you the information she received on your behalf, without censoring, editing, or filtering. With Dina, you are working with the highest vibration possible to reach out for, and receive, help from Spirit.



Medical Disclaimer PLEASE READ: Angel Card Readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not take the place of your traditional medical services. By purchasing this service you agree to this condition.



“Hot DAMN woman you are good!”


“Wow, I’m reading and rereading and everything that was said strikes a chord. Thank you so, so much! I cannot wait to hear the rest. You, and the angels, are amazing and this comes at the most perfect time.


I had to forward this to my husband, it’s just so amazing and he knows about my insecurities and desires with this. As a teenager, my mom visited with someone (don’t remember who or why this was brought up) but she said she was told I always have angels protecting me. I didn’t remember this till just now. Amazing!”


“Words cannot express the feelings of gratitude and hope my readings with Dina gave me.  I was not sure what to expect going into this but I know I did not expect the raw clarity she gave me.  She knows what she is doing and truly delivers!  I will continue to work with her and will recommend others to do the same.”


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I look forward to reading & channeling for you soon.


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