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LIVE ONLINE Oracle Cards & Automatic Writing Clas


Begins Monday 3/12, at 4:00 p.m. All sessions will be recorded and available to participants.


Here are the details:



Here are the dates, times, prices and prerequisites for all of the Reiki classes I’ll be teaching this year. As of right now, all classes will be held in my Long lake office. The fliers with the class details will be posted as we get closer to the class dates.
Preregistration and a non refundable deposit are required for each class.
Got your calendar ready?
Reiki Level 1 will be held on Saturday 2/24 (snowdate 2/25)
and again on Thursday 8/16. This one day course will run from 10 – 4. The cost is $150, $50 deposit.
No prerequisite.
Reiki Level 2 will be held on Saturday 3/24 (snowdate 3/25) and again on Saturday 9/15. The one day course will run from 10 – 4. The cost is $225., $50 deposit.
Prerequisites are Reiki 1, and if you haven’t trained with me you’ll need your Reiki 1 certificate from your certifying Reiki Master, and a conversation with me, to register.
Reiki Level 3, The Master Class will be held on Saturday August 4 ONLY. The class will run from 9 – 4. The cost is $350. $125 deposit.
Prerequisites are (1) Reiki Level 2 (must produce certificate if you didn’t train with me); (2) a daily self Reiki practice that you can tell me about; (3) you must have done 15 sessions on other people (paid or not, your choice) and can tell me about them; (4) a call with me about your Reiki.





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