Contrary to Popular Belief…

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Feeling tangled up or stuck? Struggling with pain in your mind, body, emotions, or spirit? Do you want to be reconnected to your wholeness, your sense of self, your Light? Wishing you lived closer so that you could get on my table and let me untangle that with you?

Well, contrary to popular belief, I don’t need to be in same room with you to effect powerful clearings & transformation at whatever level you most need. We just need to be in the same energy field. And we can do this over the phone!

My NEW 60 minute Energy Untangling & Rebalancing Phone Sessions are every bit as powerful as my “in the office” sessions.

Here’s a recent testimonial:

“Thank you for your ability to hold the space and channel the energy for me to go that deep. One of my teachers spoke of the unconscious communication between healer and client about how far/ deep you can go [with the work]. As you said at the angel class, you are friggin’ powerful, and with you, my body said “dive deep baby!” ”

If you are ready to work with me, if you are ready to let me be there with you and for you energetically and you have a phone and a space where you can be uninterrupted for an hour, let’s do this. 60 Minute Session, $100. I look forward to getting you clean, clear, and hope-filled once again.

Wishing you peace,


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