Day 1 of Holiday Hoopla!


Ready? Here we go!

On the first Day of Hoopla, dear Dina offered me, a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Well, only if that’s what you really want to manifest, that is ūüėČ

Your Day 1 Special Offer is PRIVATE MANIFESTING COACHING with me!


I am a Master Manifester, and I have a proven 8 step process for Manifesting that I use and teach.

And now, for this Special Offer, I would like to give you the chance to work one-on-one with me to manifest your heart’s desire. Even if for some odd reason that’s a partridge. Or a pear tree¬†ūüėČ


Manifesting is co-creating with the Universe. It’s something we are doing¬†all the time with our thoughts and our energy, and I’m here to teach you how to use it deliberately and with intention, instead of by default.


Wouldn’t you rather be creating and calling in what you actually want, wish for, hope for, and desire with your energy and focus?


I’ll show you how.


What can you create with intentional manifesting? Anything. Money, clients, houses, cars, jobs, significant others, customers, team members, ideas, ease, flow, joy, contentment, friends, winning things, a new office, really anything. Whatever your heart desires you can manifest.


And I will teach you how.

For this Day 1 Special Offer we will work together using two video or phone calls of probably 40 minutes each and some email back and forth as I teach you the process and we work on and launch your specific manifesting into the Universe.

We can also do this work together in the office.


You can use my Intentional Manifesting process¬†to manifest whatever you are wanting to call in to¬†your business or in your life — it’s the same process no matter what you are wanting to create,¬†and it works! Oh do I have stories, amazing stories of things my clients¬†and I have manifested!

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 1 Investment for Private Manifesting Coaching with me is $165 US.
We’ll spend as much time together to launch your #1 manifest as you need for this one investment .

I rarely offer this coaching 1:1 anymore, so if it calls to you do act fast!


Payment will be thru paypal or by check. And everyone who makes a purchase during the 8 Days of Holiday Hoopla is automatically entered to win a crystal from my personal collection intuitively chosen by me for the winner.

Just send me a message to let me know you want in, and we’ll take it from there.


And hey — if a partridge in a pear tree is your heart’s desire, we’ll get that for you =) It’s your call!


Ho, ho, ho!


Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy for your life

p.s. If you’d rather enroll in or¬†gift my $66 DIY Let’s Get Manifesting Online Course¬†instead, here’s the link:¬†! It’s the same process, but you don’t get me live for that one.




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