Day 2 of Holiday Hoopla!

Holiday Hoopla Day 2!


On the second Day of Hoopla, dear Dina offered me, two turtle doves, and lala la la laaaaaa.


Wait, wait! Those aren’t turtle doves! Those are ANGELS.


Where’d the birds go? Haha — I guess Day 2 is all about the angels!

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 2 Special Offer is TWO Personal Angel Card Readings/Channeled Messages, delivered via email!

You can keep one, gift one, keep both, gift both, your choice!


The Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message will be about whatever question or topic you or your giftee are seeking angelic and spirit guidance on. These are completely personalized readings and channelings delivered via email.


What do people say about my readings & channelings?

Hot DAMN woman you are good!

and then there’s this one:

“Words cannot express the feelings of gratitude and hope my readings with Dina gave me. I was not sure what to expect going into this but I know I did not expect the raw clarity she gave me. She knows what she is doing and truly delivers!


How does it work?


You send me your question(s)/area of concern, and I present that to the angels and to the oracle cards for answers, information, and guidance. Or you can have me ask the always wonderful question: “Dear angels, what do you want me to know, right now?”


I then write down what I hear in response for you exactly as I receive the words (it’s a bit like taking dictation), and after proofing it for typos that’s what I send to you via email.


My work as a Certified Angel Card Reader, channel, and intuitive allows me to bring through loving, thoughtful, helpful assistance, guidance, healing, and clarity from your angels.


It’s always a magical experience.


PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT offer this service regularly anymore, so grab it now if you want this!

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 2 Investment for TWO Personal Angel Card Readings & Channeled Messages is: $123 US.

Remember, you can gift them, keep them, or gift one and keep one — it’s your choice.


Payment will be thru paypal or by check. And everyone who makes a purchase during the 8 Days of Holiday Hoopla is automatically entered to win a crystal from my personal collection intuitively chosen by me for the winner.

Just send me a message to let me know you want in, and we’ll take it from there.


And hey — who wouldn’t rather have angels than turtle doves anyway?


Ho, ho, ho!

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy for your life

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