Day 4 of the Holiday Hoopla!


Holiday Hoopla Day 4!


On the fourth Day of Hoopla, dear Dina offered me,


~ a 3-4-U program savings,

~ two Angel Reads,

~ and some Manifesting Coaching for me. =)


Holiday Hoopla Day 4 is all about, you guessed it, a Special Offer on phone or video call sessions!

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 4 Special Offer is for up to FOUR 30 minute Phone or Video Call Energy Untangling/Coaching sessions!


My 30 Minute Energy Untangling/Coaching Calls are laser focused quicker phone or video call sessions that help you get clear and untangled on whatever you most need help with right then and there — whether that’s in your business, your mindset, your life.

I only offer 30 Minute Energy Untangling/Coaching Sessions as Special Offers — it’s not a regular service I provide. For Day 4’s Special Offer you can pre-purchase up to 4 of these calls now, for use by May 31st.​ It’s like having me on emergency speed dial!


How would you use these? Here are a few thought (but you are not restricted to these topics by any means!):

~ For your business: quick clarity, pricing help, figuring out what’s go you stuck and shifting it, your moving towards, your superpower, working through a new offering, finding a new workspace.

For your mindset: getting untangled about a specific person or situation, getting detached and unhooked, finding balance, reframing, gratitude practice set up.

For your life: getting quick clarity on or in a transition, coming back to present, releasing the day and all that comes with it, setting up your morning practice, learning to embrace a Sabbath, grounding.


Or whatever else is present for you that you need untangling and/or coaching around!


Before each call I will be sending you a clarity question to help us get focused for the call. That will help me move right into the energy, and make the most of our time together.


You are going to love this.

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 4 Investment is $75 US per 30 minute session, OR FOUR 30 minute sessions for $285 US.Payment is made now, and you have until May 31st to use them!

You can purchase 1 30 Minute Energy Untangling/Coaching Session, 2, 3, or 4 of them! Keep them, gift them, split them up, it’s your call (call, get it? 😉 )


Please note: this is a video or phone session offer, and is not available in the office.


Payment will be thru paypal or by check. And everyone who makes a purchase during the 8 Days of Holiday Hoopla is automatically entered to win a crystal from my personal collection intuitively chosen by me for the winner.

Just send me a message to let me know you want in, and we’ll take it from there.


4 Calling Birds, I thank you for the inspiration for this one!


Ho, ho, ho!

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy for your life


p.s. You can find all of the Holiday Hoopla Special Offers currently open and available right here:

Fa la la la laaaaa, la la la la!




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