Day 5 of the Holiday Hoopla!

Holiday Hoopla Day 5!

Today is a BIG one! And it’s for you heart centered entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place, and who are ready to BLAST OFF.
The Holiday Hoopla Day 5 Special Offer is all about turning your business Vision into your business Reality.
With massive support, momentum, accountability, untangling, coaching, and more!
Ready for it?
First a little singing of course 😉
On the fifth Day of Hoopla, dear Dina offered me,
~ (up to) 4 30 minute sessions
~ 3-4-U savings
~ 2 Angel Readings
~ and some Manifesting Coaching for me. =)
So, on to the GOLD RINGS!
Are you ready to go for the gold with your business?
Are you ready to grab the brass ring?
Are you ready to take it all the way to the next level?
Then this may be for you!

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 5 Special Offer is a 6 Month The Success Sessions Business Coaching VIP Gold Level Program. This is a truly exclusive program and I only offer 4 spots in this program per year.

I have one opening left at this time. Is it for you?
Are you ready to make 2019 the year you Go for the Gold and SOAR?
I promise you that this program will transform your energy, your life, your business, the energy of your business, how you work, when you work, who you work with, your income, your flow, your customer base, your enthusiasm, your light, and your presence in the world.
If you are ready:
~ for momentum, and accountability,
~ to work with your dream clients, customers, students, team members, and staff,
~ to feel supported and heard,
~ to work less and earn more,
~ to make your dreams your reality,
~ to step into transformation for your and your business on all levels,
~ and to come into full alignment with your Vision
keep reading.

This 6 month The Success Sessions VIP Gold program is a Holistic Business Coaching Intensive. It’s a major and powerful commitment to you and to your business, by both of us!

I am a Trusted Authority in Energy Untangling with an extensive business background in businesses large and small. I’ve got the energy untangling, business skills and experience, and intuitive coaching chops you need to grab that brass ring and go for the gold!
In the 6 Month The Success Sessions VIP Gold program you will receive:
(1) one 30 minute Clarify Your Intention video or phone call to start us off. This is where we get clear on what you’d like to move towards with this program, and what your challenges are as we begin.
(2) two 60 minute video or phone Energy Untangling & Coaching sessions per month for six months. On these calls:
I’ll be asking you about your business and your challenges and successes on each call.
~ We’ll discuss your progress and any roadblocks that may have arisen.
~ We’ll talk about about what’s going well, and cheer!
~ I’ll check in on your energy as we work together on the calls, looking for anything that feels heavy or “off”, disconnected from the energy of your plan, or not in flow.
~We’ll work through issues and questions that may have arisen since the last call.
~ I’ll be untangling the energy for you and with you.
~ And we’ll take you and your business higher.
(3) four 30 Minute “Coach in Your Pocket” calls for focused support and untangling on an as needed basis — you are never alone in this program!
(4) unlimited email access to me for the full 6 months for questions, sharing, brainstorming, copy writing, support, accountability,
(5) free enrollment in my “Vision Based Business Planners Are Working It” facebook Mastermind Group, This is where we really work on turning our Vision Based plans into our business reality, and it’s filled with camaraderie and accountability. This group gets shit done!
(6) free admission to all trainings I offer during the 6 months with an investment point of under $100.
(7) 50% off admission to all trainings with an investment point of $100 or more.
(8) plus anything else I feel would be appropriate or helpful to you​ for your upleveling as we move through our time together.

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 5 Special Offer Investment in the 6 Month The Success Sessions VIP Gold Program is $2,100 (payment plan available).


If you think this amazing program may be for you, please let me know and we will schedule a “Clarity Call” to explore whether this is the right fit for both of us at this time.

Go for the Gold, my friend!
Send me a message and let’s schedule that Clarity Call.
But do act quickly — as I mentioned above I only have one opening in this program right now, and I don’t expect it to stay available for long.
I look forward to talking with you!
Ho, ho, ho!
Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
p.s. Looking for the Holiday Hoopla Special Offers for Days 1- 4? Click here:       fa la la la laaaa, la la la la!!

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