Day 6 of the Holiday Hoopla!

Happy Holiday Hoopla Day 6!


Today it’s all about the Golden Eggs!

Didn’t know that those six geese laid gold, did you 😉

Well in this version they do!


But first, a little singing of course 😉

On the sixth Day of Hoopla, dear Dina offered me,

~ SIX geese a laying,

~ one VIP GOLD opportunity,

~ up to 4 30 minute sessions,

~ a 3-4-U program savings,

~ a two pack of Angel Readings,

~ and some Manifesting Coaching for me. =)


Today’s Special Offer is for you entrepreneurs and sole practitioners who want to make more money, get unstuck, work smarter not harder, and increase the number of gold eggs in your basket.


This one’s all about some good savings on my upcoming Vision Based Business Planning Course which starts January 5.


This is planning that’s energetically aligned with you, with your vision, and with your dream becoming reality.

This is planning that moves your vision and your business forward,.

Planning that has you working your business on a day to day basis, without overload and burnout.

With Vision Based Business Planning you always know the next best step to take.

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 6 Special Offer is loaded with sixes thanks to these silly geese!

(1) You’ll save $60 US (honk) on my six module (honk, honk) 12 day online Vision Based Business Planning course

(2) AND get a bonus of six weeks (honk, honk, honk) free membership in the Vision Based Business Planners Mastermind Group when you complete the course by January 13!


Here’s the intro video for this course:

Pretty great, isn’t it?


Now here’s the link to the page with all the Vision Based Business Planning Course info (but don’t sign up there — to get these special offers you need to message me to sign up!):


My planning process is definitely different and more energetically based than any other planning I’ve ever tried. I love it. It works, it inspires me, it lights me up, and I see tangible movement towards my vision becoming my reality day by day, week by week, month by month, quarter by quarter, year by year.

And I see the same happening with others who’ve been through this training, and who are now working this way. Won’t you join us?

Here’s today’s Special Offer:

For Holiday Hoopla Day 6 you can enroll in the Vision Based Business Planning Course for just $127 US, a $60 savings!

And, as a BONUS, if you complete the course by January 13th, you’ll also get 6 weeks of FREE membership in the Vision Based Business Planners Working It Mastermind Group (usually $30 per month).

The Working It group is the place where where we are working our plans together with accountability. Amazing things are happening in that group — holy GOLDEN EGGS!


Payment will be thru paypal or by check. And everyone who makes a purchase during the 8 Days of Holiday Hoopla is automatically entered to win a crystal from my personal collection intuitively chosen by me for the winner.


If you are ready to get serious about your business, and to start taking focused, intentional, vision aligned action toward success, don’t miss this one.

Just send me a message to let me know you want in, and we’ll take it from there.


Honk, honk! Here’s to more golden eggs for all of us!!


Ho, ho, ho,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy for your life

p.s. You can find all of the Holiday Hoopla Special Offers currently open and available right here:

Fa la la la laaaaa, la la la la!



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