Dealing with, and working with the energy of the #me too

Dealing with, and working with the energy of the #me too movement. It’s triggering and cleansing. Here are some thoughts about what to do with the energies being stirred up.


If you are on social media, you will by now have become aware of the #me too movement. It’s probable that you, if you are a woman, have either written me too, or said to yourself me too by now.

This is a powerful movement, and a powerful declaration to the world. In it we see not only the massive harm done to women and girls individually and collectively by men, but also the incredible unity and circular nature of women and the world of women.

Women tend to be inclusive, circular, drawing each other together for support, holding, love, guidance and sharing. Women tend not to embrace the traditional masculine win/lose concept, but rather we want to bring everyone along with us, wrapped in our circle, knowing that we win together.

Yes, the #me too movement is a powerful unfolding to see, and to be a part of (yes, me too).

But its also extremely triggering and cleansing.

And that’s what I’d like to focus on here.

Me too is stirring up a lot of energetic memory within both the collective, and also within each one of us who has ever experience sexual trauma, sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape.

The more me too you see, the more times the energy is being stirred within the collective, and also within you.

It took until last night for me to begin seeing some of my uncleared traumas and the energies attached to them surfacing – almost a week after the movement started on social media (although the me too movement actually started 10 years ago). That’s how deeply buried, and how deeply hidden, these remaining energies are within me.

And I have done a ton of clearing and healing around my experiences for 20+ years now. Yet there are still hidden energies coming up for examination and healing now.

I’d venture to say it’s the same for you.

So, my friends, what can we do? What can you do with what’s surfacing for cleansing now?

Here are some practical tips. I hope they will provide you with something useful. I’m really just touching the surface here — this isn’t the best format for me to do the actually energy healing work that may be required at this time.

1. Remember that what is coming up for you is energetic memory, and stored energy around a terrible experience(s). It doesn’t surface unless it’s time to clear. That’s how stored energy works. And that’s how healing works.

If something is coming to your awareness, now is the time to begin or to continue the healing work around it, if you are able to. If you don’t want to, that is, of course, fine too.  Be gentle. This is not easy. You know yourself better than anyone else, and you will know when it’s time.

2. Be kind, super kind, to yourself if you are being triggered, feeling “off”, having memories or flashes of memories coming up, or disturbed sleep or unexpected lethargy happening.

These energetic memories, if you have them, may be deeply hidden and deeply embedded in your energy. That’s how we cope, and how we survive. Be easy with yourself, kind, loving, non judgmental, non critical.

3. Use your tools. Self Reiki, journaling, meditation, self IET, tapping, getting outside, tears, now’s the time to use your tools to let these energies which are surfacing be released and your energy cleansed from their attachments, if possible.

4. Don’t stuff it back down, if you can help it. Get help. Book a session in person or by phone — I am here for you and have significant experience with assault and trauma work. Talk to a therapist whom you fully trust. Talk with a non judgmental friend. Talk it out. Let the energy move.

5. Make time to think about what is going on at the collective level here. It’s a powerful movement, and a powerful voice that is rising up and saying NO MORE.

6. Remember that you are a survivor. Because you are. Honor yourself for that, if you are able to.

We are living in challenging times. Many voices are rising, and we are being asked to unearth that within us which is ready to heal, so that we can move the world forward in a better way. Power to the matriarchy. Power to the warrior within you. Power to the goddess in human form that you are.

Your are so loved.

I wish you deep peace, healing, cleansing, and the release of the energetic memories, if it is time.

Please keep the conversation going. Feel free to drop me an email at with your thoughts.

In peace,

Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
holding a space for peace

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