Dina and the Angels, Part 3

Dina and the Angels, Part 3.

So, I am letting go of my part time job this month to put much more of my focus and energy into growing and nurturing my energy healing/teaching/channeling business. As you might imagine, this is a pretty significant, and stressful life change!

I’ve been getting some very supportive and really interesting angel card pulls (yes, I do them for myself as well as for you!) as I’ve worked my way up to this decision.

Two nights ago I had 2 angelic energies I’ve never “met” before appear before me as I was going to sleep – one in solid gold, one in light sky blue.

Last night, my new sky blue angelic friend was with me again, and it grew so large that it infused my entire room with its light blue energy – it was like looking through blue glasses! I went to sleep smiling, and each time I woke during the night the blue was still with me.

This morning I took some time and clicked in to that energy to ask what it’s all about, and why it is with me.

The angel told me that:

* it is a guardian angel (not my personal guardian angel but “a” guardian angel)
* it’s here to make my life transition easier
* it’s here to soothe me, bring me ease, and to remind me that the angels have my back
* it came in response to the request I made to the angels during one of my angel card readings for myself earlier this week, where I asked that this transition be smooth and easy for all involved
* it’s here to let me know that the money is already there waiting for me smile emoticon
* and it’s here to help me with healing a past life issue that surfaced as I got ready to make this transition.

Pretty wild, right? And pretty real! And to think that back when I was a senior executive on Wall Street you couldn’t have PAID me to say angels exist.

They were with me even then. And they are with you too!

Are you ready to let go of something, large or small? Why not ask the angels for help? Ask, be open to receive, and pay attention to what happens after that! I find that keeping a little angel notebook where I jot down “coincidences” and angel requests can really help me connect the dots of their workings.

Give it a try! There’s nothing to lose, and much to gain.

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