Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach.  Trusted Authority For Untangling Energy.

For Your Life, For Your Business, For Your Journey.

About Dina Kennedy

~ plus "What's This About Energy Untangling?" and Testimonials ~


I'm Dina Kennedy, Healer, Teacher, Coach.

Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy. 

I’m here to help you, and/or your business, get untangled, unstuck, out of pain, out of disenchantment, and back to flow, joy, hope, personal power, and thriving.

My mission is to help people, especially women, untangle the energy of their lives or businesses so they can thrive. I'm all about you, empowered. Happier, more Light filled, breathing again. Working less & earning more, if you are an entrepreneur. Hopeful again.

PLEASE NOTE: I RETIRED JUNE 30, 2020. I've left this website and this page up for now for those who may be looking for me or for info about the work I did for some reason. My channeled Energy Wisdom Oracle Cards are still available, as is access to any courses you've purchased from me on teachable.com. Please go to the home page for details.

Why choose me,
Dina Kennedy, as your Healer, Teacher or Coach?

Because I can help.

If you are ready to get untangled, I've got the depth & breadth of experience and knowledge that you want.


If you are ready to shift, if you are ready to move forward in your life, your life path journey, or your start-up or existing business, I've got the proven energy rebalancing and life & business coaching chops that you need to get there.

Working with me will get you unstuck, unblocked, realigned & moving towards the life or business you've been dreaming of.

If you are ready to turn dreams into reality, if you're ready to feel better, & hopeful again, I can help.

I'm now in my 21st year as an energy healer, and I've been a successful business person for, gulp, more than 45 years now! 

If you're searching for your better life, I can help.

What's this about Energy Untangling?

Everything is made of energy. 

And energy gets stuck, tangled, twisted, disconnected & blocked in our lives and businesses.

This can cause stress, spinning, mental fog, frustration, pain, emotional imbalance, illness, and more. 

It can make you feel as if no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you just can't get things to move forward the way you want. 

It becomes almost impossible to start something new or to change. Everything feels too hard.

That's where I come in.

I can untangle the energy of your life, your life path journey, your new or existing business..

I'm a bit like a mechanic that way , but I work on all of your systems, seen and unseen, & your energy, not on your car! 

When I untangle, unblock, & realign the energies in your life or business, things just get better.

And don't worry, I've got the practical tools you need & want too!

I am an Energy Untangler. I'm also extremely analytic & highly intuitive. 

I was born that way.

I've always been able to find my way to the energy that's beneath the surface of things, and that's hidden within the words people say or don't say. 

When I do that, I can quickly sense and see where things are out of alignment & out of balance, and I know what needs to be done to get whatever or whoever it is I'm looking at untangled, sorted out, realigned, healed.

I've had many clients ask me over the years: "How is it that you see me so differently than anyone else ever has?"  And: "How is it that you know exactly what I need for my business when I have no idea?"

My response? "Because I'm reading the energy. I'm looking at you (or your business) from an energy perspective. I'm looking at your Light and your energy and your true self. I see the Light inside you."

Ready for some Testimonials?

You are a force in this world and your work changes lives. Simple as that.

B.F. client & student

No longer does this girl have to stay silent and take the abuse, she will roar back and claim her territory and conquer. Thank you for helping me to change my life and become a strong woman.

G.J. client & student

I had been feeling that my life was in a downward out-of-control spiral for a few weeks.  I was at the stage where I could see no way out.

I then had an online energy untangling session with Dina Kennedy that literally changed my life very quickly.  I could sense negativity (I “saw” this as a dark grey/brown sludge) leaving my body through my right side. As it left I could “see” my body filling with a bright blue/white light.  I felt light and positive.

Immediately after the call, I did a few small tasks that I had been putting off and then had a peaceful night of sleep.  This morning, I woke refreshed and raring to go. Today, everything seems possible. Thank you Dina.’

A.P.  client & student

If you feel the time has come to step your business up a notch, then the time is right to sign up for Dina Kennedy’s holistic business coaching.

Dina’s unique blend of pragmatic business training, spiritual insight and guidance on how to do less better (you heard right, you are going to work much less) kick-started a major upward shift in my business and my life.

I will always be grateful for the clarity that Dina facilitated.  

If your question is, ‘can I afford it?’ then your answer is probably ‘can you afford not to sign up for Dina Kennedy’s holistic business coaching?’

A.P.  after the Success Sessions Business Builder program

 I took part in the Steady Shifter series with Dina 3 months prior to retirement.  I was anxious about the big change coming up in my life and wanted to do some work around that.  

I loved the sessions with Dina, always leaving feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!  She provided me with some excellent energy tools to use.  

The culminating experience of the creating a vision board was so powerful.   I have the vision board on a wall in my office. It has been so helpful over the past month to look at that when things have happened I didn’t necessarily agree with.  

I also loved the online course Let’s Get Manifesting!!

 Thank you Dina for everything!  It has been great working with you and getting to know you.  

I will be back !

S.B. after the Steady Shifter program

What an AMAZING program!

Dina helped me connect to my inner being and listened to exactly what I needed to do to help make my business successful.  

She was wonderful at suggesting creative ideas, marketing strategies, and providing encouragement. She is the real deal.

She cuts to the chase, listened to what my truest desires are, and meanwhile she has a way to activate what the divine has to offers us, which leaves this program with WOWs and MAGICAL moments!

My business is the best it has ever been now that I have focused goals I want to reach.  

Also, I have more time on my hands and take care of myself way more than I ever did before!  

I’m so grateful that I signed up for this program!

K.C. after the Success Sessions Business Builder program

"Dina Kennedy saved our lives."

"My business would not be where or what it is without you. Thank you a million fold!"

"Dina Kennedy is the real deal."

"Your normal is other people's amazing! "

various energy healing & business coaching clients

I don’t know what it is, Dina, but ever since I started seeing you my life is going so much better. It’s like I’m becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.​​​​​

J.W. energy healing & rebalancing client


And now, for some more 'About Me' details:

On the Metaphysical Side


~ I'm now in my 23rd year of doing Self Reiki almost daily.

Did you know you that can do Reiki energy clearing & rebalancing on & for yourself? If you are Reiki attuned but didn't learn how to do this, let me know, and I'll teach you how during one of our sessions. It will lower your stress level & change your life.

~ I found Reiki, then yoga & meditation, when I was a totally stressed out, seriously unhealthy and very cranky senior executive on Wall Street. I honestly believe finding and embracing these concepts and then starting and sticking with a morning practice that's now 23 years strong, saved my life. You can have this too. 

~ I've been doing energy healing & rebalancing with clients since 1998 and have completed over 10,000 (yes, really!) sessions.  If you've been looking for a healer & teacher with true depth & breadth of experience, you found her.

~ I've also been teaching a wide variety of metaphysical techniques &  training courses since 1999, ranging from all levels of Reiki, to manifesting, learning to read oracle cards, intuitive vision boards, Integrated Energy Therapy Levels 1 - 3, Healing Angels of the Energy Field, shamanic journey work, opening to channel, and more. 

~ I've worked with hundred of students, many of whom have gone on to teach others. I love that ripple effect!

~ I've often been called a Healer's Healer and a Teacher's Teacher. I'm willing & able to share what I know, and I'm constantly learning, trying on & sharing new concepts.


I Am:

~ a 5th generation Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

My master teacher learned from one of Mrs. Takata's original 22 western Reiki masters, which is a pretty big deal to those of you who are Reiki attuned.

~ a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher certified by William Rand's 'The Center of Being'.

~ an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor who trained at the Master level directly with Stevan Thayer, IET's founder.

~ an intuitive & a channel

~ a certified Clinical Hypnotist

~ a Doreen Virtue and Hay House 'Certified Angel Card Reader' 

~ trained in shamanic breath & body work, shamanic soul retrieval techniques, & shamanic journey work through the wonderful Carol Tunney (now passed), one of Sandra Ingerman's Certified Shamanic Practitioner graduates

~ an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka Tapping) practitioner & coach

~ an Ordained Interfaith Minister

~ a former chaplain at Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, NY.

~ I've also been a guest presenter speaking mostly about Reiki or stress reduction techniques at a variety of conferences, and a meditation presenter at a high school wellness day

On the Business Side


~ I've been working in businesses large & small, owned by others or by me, for over 45 years (gasp!)

~ The last 40 years have been split between my Wall Street career (19 years) and my current work, with a few side jobs thrown in here and there. Thanks, I don't think I look that old either ;-)

~ At times in my life, like so many entrepreneurial spirits,  I've had both a "day job" and my own business going on at the same time. I've also at times had multiple part time jobs while I ramped up my own business. And I am one who made the leap from corporate to being an entrepreneur successfully. 

If this is your situation, I can help you make the transition from full time day job/part time your business, to part time/part time or even to full time entrepreneur. I've made that journey myself more than once, and I understand the how, when, why, and strategy of this.

~ I'm very analytic, & that inherent skill plus my energy untangling abilities have served me SO well in businesses large and small, & in my own ventures, 

~ Even on Wall Street I was an energy untangler. I was  

a "workout specialist" and a "fixer" who was known to be able to see through the surface of the issue at hand and into the heart of the matter (the core energy beneath the surface).

~ I've always beenconsidered gifted in the way I could get deals, business plans, divisions, & relationships untangled and into good working order. And this is what I am still doing, only now I do it for my own businesses and for you!


~ I've always had an entrepreneurial bent -- I started cobbling together all sorts of jobs for cash when I was just 10 years old! And I've never stopped

~ My mom was a successful entrepreneur, as are both

of my younger brothers. Clearly it's in my blood =)

~ I was entrepreneurial on Wall Street as well -- being a part of 2 start up companies, and starting new divisions within established companies

~ I've had a successful direct sales business, a successful healing arts center, multiple successful bricks & mortar solopreneur businesses, & now I've taken my business successfully online & internationally. 

~ I love the freedom & creativity of being an entrepreneur!


~ owner, Dina Kennedy, Healer, Teacher, Coach (current)

~ owner, Permission To Succeed holistic business coaching (current)

~ owner, Dina Kennedy Reiki 

~ owner, Moving Toward Wholeness Holistic Wellness Center 

~ owner, The Pampered Chef with Dina Kennedy


~ Former Chairman of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts

~Former Chairman of the Municipal Analyst Group of New York

~ Former liaison to the SEC's Municipal Finance

Division, the US Conference of Mayors, and the

National Association of Bond Lawyers


Wow, right? Good thing I do self Reiki to keep balanced!

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach. Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy.