Don’t Listen to Just the Squeaky Wheel!

I had a great self care lesson yesterday. I had a very intense allergic reaction to a food preservative I’d never encountered before (rosemary extractive – not extract, extractive). Here’s the lesson:
my body told me not to get those turkey burgers. I brushed it off. Too busy and focused elsewhere (aka not being present).
my body told me not to cook that turkey burger. I brushed it off. Not focused on that right then (aka not being present).
my body told me not to eat that turkey burger. I brushed it off. I was hungry, it was ready, I was rushing (aka not being present).
WHAP I got hit, or as the wonderful Chris Alexandria of Angel Chatter says, ‘wing-slapped.”
Lesson for future self care? Slow down. Get present. Take your time. Breathe as you go. Make room to hear, and to listen. SLOW DOWN! The world will keep turning even if you step off the ride. Body spirit and the angels are always offering us guidance. They are just not “the squeaky wheel” that gets the grease. They are softer. And I can be too. <3

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