Double Courage!!!

Here is your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of May 15. As always, I asked the angels to please give me a clean and clear message for you, my clients, students and followers.

I had a little adventure in pulling today’s card for you. First I was guided to the Shapershifter Tarot by DJ Conway and Sirona Knight. I’ve never read for you from that deck before. The card that leapt out was COURAGE from the major arcana (“strength” card in the traditional tarot). The card image is a beautiful image of a woman and daughter aligned with nature and with the Light, shapeshifting into bear.

As I sat with the card and read about it I ended up putting it aside. It so strongly spoke to me at a very personal level, answering a question I’ve been praying about, plus I’ve been getting some strong bear energy at my home. So I thought maybe I’d gotten the wires crossed somehow, and requested a reading for myself on the unconscious level.

So I set it aside to work with. And then I started over. I rededicated my space and myself, and once again asked for a clean and clear reading for you.

This time I was directed to the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

What card flipped out of the deck for you?


Oh yeah. No joke! Double COURAGE!!!

So it’s safe to say that this week’s message for you (and for me) to work with is COURAGE. On the Archangel COURAGE card the message is from Archangel Ariel and it says: “Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.”

With both of the COURAGE cards I pulled we are being asked by the angels to be Loving Warriors of the Light. Balanced, strong, brave, courageous.

We are being reminded that as we find the courage to stand up for our beliefs, we become a beacon of Light and a powerful role model for others.

We are being asked to act upon our convictions even when others disagree.

We are being asked to tap into our Lioness within (Archangel Ariel), or into our Bear energy (shapeshifter courage energy).

Archangel Ariel exemplifies bravery, courage and elegant movement. The shapeshifter bear-woman exemplifies the same, and also strong protection of the children and of the environment. Bear energy exemplifies tapping into intuition, connection to the earth, going within to find your answers and courage of your convictions. Lion energy exemplifies intuition, assertion of the feminine, and the ability to roar when challenged. Both are protective of the young and both are strong symbols of the earth mother.

These two cards tell me that the time for learning to balance gentleness, courage, standing one’s ground, controlled resistance to opposition, using one’s voice, and fierce protective action is here.

With both Courage cards we are being shown that our courage will arise from our spiritual center, from our Light and from our alignment with our spiritual truth and our resulting personal power. Both Courage cards suggest that your intuition will show you the way. Both also strongly suggest connecting to nature for balancing.

Call upon the angels and your totem animals and spirit guides for help with this one, dear ones. These are big assignments indeed!

Do not back down, I hear. Come back to your heart and turn up your Light.

Do it, I hear. We are with you always, and in all ways, say the angels. Feel us now. Call upon us as you work on this. Know we are with you when you speak your truth and shine your Light.

I especially feel the strong warrior presence of Archangel Michael as I type this for you. Angel Celestina is also very strong in the office right now with her powerful loving energy.

You are so loved.

And with that, we are complete.

Until the next time,

Dina Kennedy
Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives

p.s. personal readings are always available! Just ask if you’d like more info, or to schedule your reading.

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