Energy Healing & Rebalancing Sessions

In the office or over the phone, your choice. All options provide powerful rebalancing and forward movement into the life you want to be living.


Energy Healing & Rebalancing is Dina Kennedy’s signature work.


This is what I think of as my signature work. With this work, my goal is to untangle your energy system to allow the flow of clean, clear life force energy back into your body and into your life. This brings with it improved health, mental clarity, breathing space, deep relaxation, release of pain, and the return of hope.


If life seems out of balance, too hard, or too busy, if you are struggling with emotions, stress, or overwhelm, if you are just not feeling like yourself, if you are experiencing chronic pain or getting sick or injured regularly, you are probably past due for energy clearing, energy healing, and energy rebalancing.


Wouldn’t you like to feel better? You can. I can help.


During our time together I will be connecting to your energy field (we all have one) and will start to untangle and realign it. Tangled, pooled, stuck, and misaligned energies, all of which I search out during our time together, can have you and your life feeling stuck, off balance, and in pain, on many levels including the mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Stuck, tangled, misaligned energy really can, and often does, create havoc and stress in our lives. Let’s get that shifted.


I use a wide variety of tools including Reiki, shamanic breathe and body work, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), channeling, crystals, intuitive connection, spiritual coaching, and more in these sessions. All session are tailored to you, and each is unique.


If you are ready to live your better life, this work is for you. Hard to describe, impossible to forget!


60 Minute Sessions (may run a bit longer): $125. Office or phone.

Register by emailing me at

Minimum of 3 sessions is STRONGLY recommended to really let us dive into the work. This can be a combination of office and phone sessions (see below for inof on phone sessions) for those of you who work with me during the summer or while you are on vacation, and for those of you who are not local to Long Lake.


NEW 40 Minute Phone Sessions

If we’ve worked together in session before, this option is now available to you!


You + me + 40 minutes on the phone in a merged energy field gets the energy untangled and realigned magnificently.


Not sure how, or if this is possible? Check out this recent testimonial:


“I had my first phone session with Dina to disentangle my energy and to help understand the direction life has been pulling me.

Dina’s warm greeting followed by a description of a personal altar the Angels asked her to create to facilitate the session, immediately transported me energetically to her office in Long Lake. I felt myself being wrapped in a wonderful peaceful energy as she began with a incantation inviting Angels and guides and the Divine to be present. The next 30 minutes were filled with the same insightful energy, reassurance, and hope that I have always experienced in face to face sessions.

I am so pleased that I gave her phone sessions a try. Since I live 4 1/2 hrs south of Long Lake, her 1/2 hr phone sessions will allow me to set up a regular maintenance routine in between my pilgrimages to the Adirondacks. How great is that! “


You’ll be amazed, I promise you.


40 Minute Phone Session: $80

To register, please email me at

Please note: the 30 Minute Phone Session is available to you ONLY if we’ve already worked together at least once in a full session, thanks.



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