Exploring the FAQs, Part 1

Exploring the FAQs, Part 1


A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives Blog Post

By Dina Kennedy



Let’s start exploring some FAQs – the questions you all ask the most frequently!  


I’m going to do this as a series, with 3 FAQ’s each post. This is the first.


FAQ 1: How do I clear my crystals and stones? And how often should I clear them?


I have a few favorite methods of clearing my crystals, stones, and any jewelry made with crystals and stones.


My go to’s are:


(1) run them under cool water in the sink, point down (or if a circle put the edge you imagine would be good to drain old energy out of point down). As you do this thank the stone for all the work it has been doing, and then ask the stone to please keep working with you.


(2) crystals to windows! Your stones love to clear in the moonlight. Yes, even when it is raining they will enjoy being in the energy of the moon. Full moon is particularly beneficial.


(3) place the crystals either on a quartz cluster, on a selenite slab,  or inside an amethyst cathedral. These are particularly good ways to clear your jewelry! Even a small quartz cluster will do the job – all those points aiming in all directions clears all around. Just place the jewelry right in among the points of the cluster.


FAQ 2: Do old things, such as furniture, old jewelry, or used clothing, hold old energy?


Yes, you betcha, absolutely! You really must clear the energy from old things when incorporating them into your home and your life.


If the item never feels right (you’ll know this because you avoid it, or take it right off), get rid of it and get that energy out of your environment and your energy field.


This is also important to be aware of after the break up of a relationship. You may not want to keep the things your ex gave you, or that you bought together, if they make you feel less than happy. They can keep your energy down, and sometimes they also hold you back from moving forward with your life.


Same for gifts from people you aren’t all that fond of.


Whoa, right? It’s a bit intense to think about! But yes, we are talking about energy and it is indeed in everything.


That being said, I own and love many old pre-used items. So don’t let this stop you. Just be aware and be sure to clear them first before wearing or using them.


FAQ 3: How often can I call on the angels for help?


I get asked this question a LOT. I think many people were brought up thinking you could only ask the angels for help on “important” items, and then only rarely.


Nothing could be further from the truth!


The angels are actually just waiting for us to call on them. Nothing is too big or too small, and you can never talk to your angels too many times. They are just waiting to be asked!


So don’t hold back. I’ve asked for things as mundane as a parking space, and as seemingly impossible as a free car (and have received both).


Don’t be shy – ask away – as often as you want – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


But do remember – when we are working with the angels sometimes they answer us in very unexpected ways. Stay open to the possibilities that arise when you ask for their help, and be prepared for something unexpected to come to you in response!


And that’s the first 3 FAQs for this series. Let me know how you liked it, and if you want to see more Exploring the FAQs posts!


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