Finding Balance at the Equinox

Finding Balance, Releasing, and Claiming Your Harvest with the Equinox

Welcome to the autumnal equinox time – a time of balance and harvest. A time when we become aware that soon we will be turning within. A time to harvest what we’ve worked on this year, and to dispose of the things we’d rather let go of.

This is a great reset point for each of us, and a time to take stock.

And, as such, it is also a great reset point for balancing the self, and reinvigorating the positive.

What’s worked well this year?

Harvest that. Own it, claim it, figure out how you can create more of it.

What hasn’t worked well for you so far this year?

Dig those weeds and those “misses” up by the roots now dear ones, and toss them away.

At harvest time, we only want to keep what brings us balance, succor, support, nurturing, and more life force energy.

A great ritual for letting go of what hasn’t worked is to write it out on a piece of paper and then burn that sucker and release those things. Set your intention before you begin please – intending to release all that hasn’t worked well for you this year up until this harvest time, no matter what or why, by writing and then burning to release with the flame and smoke.

A great ritual for taking in all the good available in what you do want to harvest is to use what I call props. Reminders that things do work out sometimes, that things are actually ok, at least sometimes, and that you are, indeed, being provided for.

The image I have up with this post is one of mom’s old baskets (which now lives with me) which I filled with color changing hydrangeas. This prop is very autumnal and bountiful. It also reminds me of how much I loved my mother, and of her wonderful style. I feel her and I feel abundant and loved when I look at this. I harvest these things gladly.

What props can you use to remember your bountiful harvest?

What are you ready to harvest or to release, as you come into your balance for the last quarter of 2017?

Make time now, dear ones, and enjoy this process.

I look forward to hearing from you about what you discover with this!

In deep peace,

Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
Holding a Space for Peace

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