Finding Energetic Balance in Your Day

Finding Energetic Balance In Your Day

A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post


Dina Kennedy,



Finding Energetic Balance in your day – what a crazy idea!


You can do it if you search out and step into the “pockets” – those small spots of time and energy sitting right at that point when you are thinking about, or preparing to, transition from one activity to the next.


If your energy feels frenetic, overloaded, stressed, sharp, or challenged, use the pockets to slow down, to pause and take a quick, settling time out, or to lift your eyes to the horizon, and breathe it in.


If your energy feels sluggish, slow, bogged down, pressed down, heavy, thick or stuck, use the pockets to walk around the house swinging your arms, to do a few body lengthening stretches, to get a nice cool drink of something, or yes, to lift your eyes to the horizon, and breathe it in.


Realizing that you have these pockets, and you do, and that you can tap into them for your immediate relief and benefit, and you can, is the first step.


Making a conscious effort to actually step into them, and into their life affirming energy, is the next step.


Remember – you’ll find these energetic pockets at the transition points, or possible transition points, of your day. They are right there, just waiting for you to notice and to claim them.


Give it a try. I think you’ll be amazed at the way this brings you present, over and over, and shifts your days for the better.


It takes awareness, and it takes practice.


But oh, is it worth the effort. Just try it and you’ll see.


I look forward to hearing all about how this is working for you!


With love,



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