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Service Focus 1: Moving Towards Wholeness

How I Help You with Your Life

With my Energy Healing & Rebalancing work, you will release stress & pain, and stop spinning, feeling stuck, defeated or deflated. You will come back into balance on all levels -- body, mind, spirit, emotions, energy. You'll breathe & smile again.

I call this part of my Energy Healing & Rebalancing work Moving Towards Wholeness, because that's what it's all about for you.

It's all about you feeling better, happier, less stressed, with less pain on all levels, and coming more into your flow and your joy. It's about you reconnecting with your wholeness, and about living life, untangled.

I believe that we are all meant to thrive, but that sometimes our energies get tangled and scrambled, and we lose our way.  We get reactive rather than proactive, we get out of balance, we forget that we are a part of the whole, and that we matter. 

I'm here to help you let that go. I can help. 

Let's Get You Moving Towards Wholeness again.

Offering Private Sessions, personalized Programs for Transformation,  Classes, Workshops, and Retreats. Online & in the office. International clients and students welcome.    Learn more

Service Focus 1 Testimonials:  
Moving Towards Wholeness.
Your Life Untangled.

“You are a force in this world and your work

changes lives. Simple as that.”


“Dina Kennedy is the real deal.” 


“World class.”

Thank you for supporting my journey and for letting me learn at my own pace and in my own way. Your support along my path has been a true blessing.”


“Dina Kennedy is a healer’s healer.”


“I always feel so hopeful after a session with Dina!”


Your normal is other people’s amazing.”


“Amazing. Can I come again?”

Are You Ready for Life Untangled?
Are You Ready for Business Untangled?
Are You Ready to Thrive?

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Your Heading Here

getting fancy now!

Your Heading Here

getting fancy now!

Weekly Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Collective

I do a weekly-ish Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Collective.

My clients, students & followers find amazing resonance with these messages!

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Weekly Angel Reading


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