Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

And Happy Mid-point of the year!
And Happy New Moon in Cancer later this week!

The Summer Solstice is a time when we honor our creativity, when we admire the fruits of our labors as harvest time approaches, and when we take stock of how far we have come over the last year – summer solstice to summer solstice.

Mid point of the year is a time where we assess what has been going well, and not so well, so far this year. It’s also when we focus ahead to what we’d like to create through the remainder of the calendar year.

New moon in cancer is about surfacing and acknowledging emotions, emotional release, and deep healing of the things that are holding us back, including emotional blocks.

Combined, these three at one time lead us to a powerful threshold indeed!

Here are some questions to mull over, right now, to become clear on for Friday’s new moon and for this whole moon phase.

1. What do I want to create in the next 6 months?

2. What have I created that I want to keep and that I am pleased with since the last summer solstice?

3. What have I created that is ready to be celebrated?

4. What have I created that is ready to be released?

5. What will I be moving TOWARDS the rest of this year, and for this new solstice to solstice cycle?

6. What needs deep healing and release so that I may move forward into this vision of my future? (if you aren’t sure, you may want to say simply: I am ready to release and to heal all that is holding me back.)

The summer has a lot of masculine energy to it, and so does this astrological one year we are in the middle of. Now is the time to really take advantage of this strong, doing energy and to let it propel you into deep healing, and then forward on your path!

But stay balanced too here – be gentle and reasonable with yourself as you set your forward expectations.

Keep the list short.

If you could accomplish 3 things by year end, what would they be?

How about for the full solstice cycle – now until this time next year? If you could accomplish 3 things over these next 12 months, what would they be?

Give yourself the gift of a little time apart to think through these questions, and to jot down your answers.

Make your lists of three, and post them where you will see them.

If you’ve done my intuitive vision board training, this is a super time to use that tool to look ahead.

As you know, energy follows intention! So power up my friends – now IS the time. Set that plan, allow the deep emotional healing and release, and away you go.

Enjoy the process, and the unfolding.

In deep creative peace,

Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives

p.s. – for those of you traveling to the ADKs this summer – be sure to book your sessions with me as soon as you know your travel dates! The calendar is filling up super fast this year. Thank you.

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