Heartwaves for Texas (8/28/17)

Heartwaves for Texas


Ok friends – I would suggest some heart waves for Texas if you’d care to join me.

Directions on how to do this wave are below.

I have a sense that adding our heartwaves to the other energies and prayers going to TX will help separate the storm from all the people and animals and other life forms being affected.

If it calls to you to join in our wave, please do so; as often as you think to. And yes, you can still receive from the wave, even when it’s used in this way.

The angels tell me that this is part of the wave at all times.

So, what’s the heartwave?

Spirit handed me this way of doing a heart wave a while back. It’s quite powerful and only takes a few minutes (although you can certainly do it longer if you’d like).

Sit with your feet on the floor. Take a nice breath in. let it go with a sigh. Stretch your toes and feel your feet on the floor. Bring your awareness to your heart and begin to breathe into your heart, gradually expanding┬áthe heart and chest area. You are infusing the heart with energy (the heart energy center is larger than the physical heart – so if you feel the expansion being big don’t worry!).

Once you feel ready, imagine sending a wave of unconditional love out into the horizontal web of the world (for this one just go horizontally out from the heart, unless called to do otherwise). Sit and gently, with intention, send unconditional, unattached love into the web for as long as feels good.

Then reverse the flow, and allow unconditional and unattached love to come back into you from the web of the world. Don’t skip this part! The angels told me we’ve entered a new way of loving, where it’s to always be an equal exchange, filling the all including YOU.


Open your eyes, shake out your hands and arms, smile.


Thank you.

In deep peace,

Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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