How’s That Receiving Muscle of Yours?


I recently took Rebecca T. Dickson‘s “Money Mindset Mastermind” course about busting money mindset blocks if you want to grow your business. It was a HUGE eye opener to me when Becky explained that having trouble setting reasonable rates, reasonable being high enough to support you in a comfortable lifestyle so that you can continue to thrive and to thereby provide your customers with extraordinary service, is often an issue of trouble with RECEIVING.

Think about that. That’s pretty huge. If we can’t or won’t receive, we are stifling ourselves and playing small. We’re not growing into our gifts and soul purpose. We are not allowing ourselves to see our own worth, our value, our impact on the world, our personal brilliance. We are not honoring ourselves when we refuse to receive. Not just in business but in our lives as a whole.

How do we counter this? First by becoming aware. Aware that this may be an issue for us! Second, by understanding that, contrary to popular belief, receiving is not an act of weakness! Why are we trained to believe that anyway?

Today, this eye opening little mind bender is my gift to you. I hope you’ll be able to receive it without constriction! Breathe it in, try it on, breathe it out or keep it. Let me know what you think! Where are you holding back from receiving? Practice receiving fully.

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