Introducing the new “Exquisite Self Care” Support Group!

How’s your self care? Except for my self Reiki and my morning practice, mine sucks. And I am finally ready to change that!
I’ve been asking the angels for help with this, and kept pulling the Angel Oracle card called “Teaching and Learning.” It finally clicked for me this morning. This card and Archangels Zadkel and Raphael are telling me that the answer, for me, is to learn new ideas and then teach them to others to make this oh so important life change. So I’m rolling out something new.
You can expect live optional meeting/workshops each month (1 in Long Lake at my office, 1 in Tupper Lake at Health Hub) and there will also be a facebook group. Stay tuned for more – and if you want to be on my mailing list about this and kept in the loop as this unfolds and gets going, let me know! We can embrace and embody this, together. <3
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