Ready to “Walk With Me?” Kicking of a blog journey for 2018. 1/1: We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home.

Welcome to “Walk With Me? A Journey through 2018”.


I like to take a thought or concept or phrase to contemplate into my morning practice each day.


I thought you might like to journey there with me in 2018.


I hope to post each day for you, except for my Sabbath Day when I am off line. I’ll post the thought for that day the following day (it will be a double) most likely. Or it could be the day before!


I’ll see how it wants to unfold.


So, let’s begin.


“We are all just walking each other home.” (Ram Dass)


Even when we think we are alone, we’re really not.


Even when we think we’re different, we’re really not.


Even when we think it’s us vs. them, it’s really not.


On an energetic basis, we are ALL a part of the web of the worlds. We truly are all connected, energetically.


When something happens to our piece of the web, when that strand is pulled or twisted, the whole web is affected, and pulled or twisted.


When something happens to that person next to you, their part of the web is pulled or twisted, and so is the entire web, including your strand.


When something happens anywhere in the web, the whole web feels it.


For this year, I’d like to work a little harder at remembering that.




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