1/2: The New Year Stands Before You, Like Freshly Fallen Snow…

“The New Year stands before you

like freshly fallen snow.

Be careful how you tread it

for every step will show.”  —- unknown


This used to be my touchstone, the quote and words I chanted to myself at the beginning of each new year.


I would say it aloud, say it over and over to myself, write it out and hang it up.


Be careful! It says. Be careful.


Well guess what. I don’t like this one anymore.


Why do I have to be careful?


Why do I have to worry about making a misstep?


Who cares?


Who’s business would that be, anyway, but mine?


I don’t want to be careful anymore. And I’m not going to be.


I want to stomp and roll and carry on like a maniac in the freshly fallen snow.


I want to be joyful, and thriving, loved and loving, brilliant and luminous, and my own damned warrior woman self once and for all.


I am DONE with being careful.


I’m going to make a big ass crazy aligned with me true self ruckus in my snow this year.


Can’t wait to see what happens. Join me?


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