1/3: Start As You Mean To Go On

“Start as you mean to go on.”


Start as you mean to go on.


So much potential in this one little phrase!


“Start”. Start what? Well, starting anything and everything.


“… as you mean to go on.” Wow.  How DO I mean to go on?


Why am I doing this thing? What do I hope to receive back from doing this thing? What’s my INTENTION here? Can I hold that intention and stay present to it and in the now and the flow of this thing unfolding?


Energy, as we know, follows intention.  Intention, as we know, energizes and creates momentum.


Clarity sets the intention.


Starting sets the intention in motion.


Staying in motion, and staying focused, in the now, with intention, leads to the perfect unfolding.


Start as you mean to go on. With everything. What an intention to unfold into!


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