June Money Manifesting!


Ready to Manifest Moolah, cash, cha-ching?
If you’ve taken one of my many manifesting courses (in the offices, live online, or the DIY course EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T COMPLETE IT), or have done private manifesting coaching with me, why not come join us in the Manifesting With Dina The Sky’s the Limit VIP membership group and join me for a June Money Manifesting?
I’m taking the Manifesting VIP Group through my proven 8 step manifesting process to call in some cash.
I’ve got a money manifest specific video per step, and we’ll be doing one step per day (with catch up time).
I love manifesting money, and you can too!
The monthly admission into the group is $22 US. Here’s the link to sign up: http://www.dinakennedy.com/manifesting-with-dina-the-skys-the-limit-vip-group/ You can even join just for June, if you want, as this membership is cancellable at any time.
If you have never taken manifesting with me, well, what’s up with that! It’s great!
Here is the waiting list to join for the next LIVE Online Manifesting 101 course: <script async data-uid=”5514ac529e” src=”https://f.convertkit.com/5514ac529e/0a5ce0d257.js”></script>
And here’s the waiting list to join for the next Manifesting For Your Business LIVE Online course: https://pages.convertkit.com/2dd80a7f26/b00f25c613
I look forward to manifesting with you soon.
But for now, I’ve gotta go — I need to do my own Money Manifesting Step 1 work to get that extra cash on its way in!
in peace,
Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy.
email: info@dinakennedy.com
p.s. If you aren’t getting the weekly Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the collective via email anymore, and miss them, please sign up here to have them back in your inbox: https://pages.convertkit.com/7a84af43ab/eef0eee08c
If you did sign up to get them and aren’t, please do check your spam folder, thanks.

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