Let’s Get Grounded! Be a Weeble!

This week I’m focusing on Getting Grounded.

Why? Because getting grounded has so many powerful benefits!

Grounding helps us release the energy of the day, release stress, and become more sure footed. It reconnects us to the earth, and to our spirit. It clears our minds, and creates a space where messages can come in. Grounding clears emotions, and teaches us how to just breathe and let go.

A main focus of the work we do together is always, always, grounding. Clean, clear and ground your energy. Clean clear and ground your thinking. And what happens? Life suddenly becomes easier. Stress dissolves. Inspiration arises. Grounding creates space for YOU and for Your LIGHT in your life.

I’ve done two quick videos for you this week. Happy weebling! (you’ll have to watch the 2nd video to understand 😉

And, if you are ready to do some serious work on getting you grounded, think about doing a one-on-one session with me. In the office, over the phone, via skype. Your choice.



Until next time!
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