Loving the Pockets

Loving the Pockets


A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post

by Dina Kennedy, www.dinakennedy.com



“When one has much to put into them, a day has a hundred pockets.”

– Nietzsche


I’ve been intrigued by that quote my whole adult life.


What does it mean? How, when we are so busy, can there be a hundred pockets? Where are they? How can I find them? How could this possibly be true?


Well, I’m starting to find them, and boy oh boy are they awesome!


Over in the “Dishing With Dona” group on facebook (come join us!), I’ve been running a series of challenges the past 2 months that are totally focused on the pockets.


Challenges that ask us to find pockets of between 1 – 10 minutes in which, using a specific action, we are successfully shifting our energy.


The results, and the ever increasing enthusiasm participants are experiencing, is pretty darned amazing.


Who knew?


Who knew that a tiny, one minute pocket, and an easy to find five or ten minute pocket, in which you place your hand and your energy once a day, could change your life?


Well, Nietzsche knew. And now we do to.


Here are some of the energy and life shifting pockets we’ve discovered and embraced and yes, come to love, as in LOVE LOVE LOVE, during the last 2 months.


Why not try them on and see if they click for you?


First – a couple of ground rules.


  1. Use a timer and honor that time. When it goes off you are done. Stop.


  1. Consistency is uber important. Try one of these at a time for 5 – 7 days to give it a fair testing. Use a chart and check off when you’ve done your pocket work for that day. Do not skip days.


  1. The easiest way to add something to your life, such as one of these pockets, is (I learned this from the amazing Dana Wilde of “Train Your Brain”) to attach the time pocket to an already existing habit if you really want to do it.


For example, put your timer on the coffee maker, brew your coffee (the exisiting habit),  then grab your coffee and your timer, enjoy your coffee (existing), then set the timer and open the pocket (new).


Or, maybe you’ll drink the coffee while you’re in your pocket. That’s when I’m now embracing and loving my 10 minute pocket. I now, daily, pour my second cuppa, turn the timer to 10 minutes, and the coffee and I dive in.


Ok ready? Here are three of the pocket challenges we’ve really loved:


  1. Put your eyes on the furthest horizon you can see (an outside one), and take five breaths in, and out. Done. Many of us have continued this one since we tried it, as it is truly delicious. And restful for the eyes!


  1. STOP. Just stop. For 1 minute. No doing. No phone, no texting, no meditation or Reiki, just nothing. Done.


  1. Declutter for 10 minutes. Stop when the timer goes off. No cheating. I think this one has been the most mind bending and the most exciting for most of the participants. We’ve been utterly astonished by what we are accomplishing in this pocket!


  1. Turn the corners of your mouth up, and take a couple of nice full breaths. This one is good to put into a few pockets each day.


So simple, aren’t they?


And so worth finding pockets for.


A day does indeed have a hundred pockets! What will you put into yours?


Join us on facebook at “Dishing with Dina” for the July challenges – or, if you don’t facebook, please send me an email and ask me to let you know what the challenge of the week is, and I’ll email you when I announce them so you can join in too.


Happy pocket love!


In peace,



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