Manifesting for Your Business!
LIVE Online training
with Dina Kennedy, Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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Manifesting is the art of co-creating with the Universe.

You are always manifesting, whether you realize it or not.

Your energy is always calling in that which matches it vibrationally -- "like attracts like" is the common saying about that -- so it can really serve you well to get conscious about what it is you are calling in. 

Or not calling in!

In this training, I'll be sharing my proven 8 Step Manifesting Process with you, and showing you how to apply it to your business.

I've been using and teaching this process for almost 20 years now because it WORKS.

My 8 Step Manifesting Process is a process you'll use to get clear on what you really want, and to then get out of your way and call it in.

And I can't wait to teach you how to use it so that you, too, can start deliberately Manifesting for Your Business. You are going to love this!

(and pssst -- once learned, you can use this same process for every area of your life with equally wonderful results)

Welcome to Manifesting for Your Business!

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Do you have to believe in manifesting, or know about manifesting or energy, to benefit from this training?


This is not over the top woo by any means!

This is about getting clear, and getting out of your own way, so that what you want can actually get to you.

If you are:

  • ~ feeling stuck in or with your business
  • ~ not seeing things happen even though you are trying your hardest 
  • ~ frustrated
  • ~ wishing for more
  • ~ not totally sure what it is that you really DO want at this point, but pretty clear about what you DON'T want
  • ~ feeling like something's in the way 
  • ~ wondering if there's something holding you back

  • or

  • ~ you simply wanting MORE from your efforts

  • and

  • ~ MORE from your business

... then this is for you.

Welcome to Manifesting for Your Business!

ready to sign up? Just pop down to the bottom of the page

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Manifesting for Your Business

is a LIVE Online 2 hour training where we will

go step-by-step through the Manifesting for Your

Business process together.

(don't worry -- it will be recorded so you can take the training at

a time that's better for you, if need be, or watch it again!)

I will take at least one person through each step of the process LIVE, 

so that you can see exactly how I work this, how I coach people to move into

and through each of the 8 steps, and so that you walk away with a clear understanding of how to use my 8 Step Manifesting Process to

change your business, and your life, for the better. 

I'll also be providing Manifesting For Your Business worksheets so that you'll

be able to work on your manifesting steps right then and there with me!

You are going to love Manifesting for Your Business!

p.s. If you've ever done manifesting training with me before, either in 1:1 coaching, in a class in the office or at Abanakee, or through the do-it-yourself Manifesting Course I offer on, I invite you to join me for this event at a Special Rate of  just $55 US. 

Ready to join me?

You'll be so glad you did!

Let's Get Manifesting!

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INVESTMENT: $97 US ($55 US to repeat)

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Can't wait to see you there.

Let's Get Manifesting!

in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for

Untangling Energy

Shifting Energy, Lives & Businesses daily

Manifesting for Your Business!

Wednesday May 1st

1:00 - 3:00 pm EST**


** recording provided to all registrants whether you join

me live or choose to watch later


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