More Light, Please.

More Light, Please!


A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post

Dina Kennedy


Thank you, thank you, thank, you, 1000 times over, dear Dina, for getting me out of a hole, and into the light!”                    (testimonial, May 2017)


I received this wonderful testimonial from a new client this week, after she did a healing intensive with me (2 sessions within 24 hours).


The woman had been having a headache for 9 YEARS. She’d been to many western medical professionals, to some holistic professionals, had multiple surgeries, been put on drugs that made her feel suicidal.


The headache persisted.


One of her good friends brought her to see me.


After the first session, the headache was gone. GONE. And it remains gone a week later.


What happened?


I was able to see and to release a very solid dark energy block that had moved into her neck and head 9 years ago.


I could see how and exactly when it had gotten in there, what it was, and that her entire body had clamped around it tightly upon its impact.


Her body and her energy field essentially slammed shut around the invading energy.


And there it stayed.


For 9 YEARS.


Once I moved it out, the Light came pouring back in.


As I held the space and watched the transformation, her energy field and then her body unclamped. I watched her neck lengthen, her skull begin to expand, and her shoulders drop about 1 ½ inches down and back into alignment.


And  the Light just kept pouring in. Into the room, and into her entire being.

Crazy good, right?


Miracles happen. Energy rebalancing works.


But here’s something to remember. Energy and your Light need space in your field to keep you in flow and balance and health naturally.


Every day we are bombarded by external energies. We all need to find ways to release this, or our energy and then our life gets locked down.


We need to be sure the Light is getting in.


So I ask you – what are you doing to create spaciousness for yourself, and in your energy these days? How are you bringing the Light in?


If the answer is “nothing” or “I don’t know” – is it time for a session and a tune up?


Just a little food for thought. Don’t lose 9 years to an energy block, beloved ones.


In peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy


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