New! Live Online Healing Angels Course!

NEW! Live Online Healing Angels of the Energy Field 5 Week Course!


Are you an angel lover, or curious about angels?


Would you like to know, and to feel, that when you talk to the angels they are listening to and hearing you?


Would you like to learn how to connect your energy with that of the angels and to feel them connect back to you in response?


Are you ready to learn and practice a powerful technique for asking questions and receiving answers from the angelic realm?


Are you ready to connect to and with the 9 Healing Angels of the Energy Field?


Then please join me for Live Online Healing Angels of the Energy Field 5 Week Course!


In this 5 Week Live Online Course you will go from wishing you could connect to the angels…

… to connecting with the angels …

… and getting personal messages from them in response!

You will leave this course with a personal set of angel message AND with a new way of connecting to the angelic realm, and to specific angels, that you can and will use for the rest of your life (I sure do)!


​Here’s the link with all the info and to sign up:


I’ve been teaching this course in my offices for many years, and it’s always a mind blowing experience.


I’m so pleased to be able to offer it to you in this new format, so that you, too, can have this magic wherever in the world you are.



By the way, if you’ve taken this course in one of my offices, you are eligible for a Special Repeaters Rate, so do be sure to check that out.


Here’s the link again:


And please share this announcement with your friends — this may be just what someone you know is looking for!


in peace and angel blessings,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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