New Self Study Course! Let’s Get Detached! Call Your Energy Back Now.


Look what’s NEW at The Dina Kennedy School on!


It’s Let’s Get Detached! Call Your Energy Back Now. 


In this NEW Self Study Course you will learn how to easily and effectively detach & release the energy between you and others in 8 important and powerful ways.


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How are you at getting detached?

Do you know how to get other people’s energies our of your energy field so that you can come back to balance and feeling like YOU again?
Being tangled up with other people’s energies can wreak havoc on your life, your relationships, your business, your sleep.
It causes stress, heaviness, confusion, feeling stuck, fatigue, irritation, and more.
Wouldn’t you like to let that go?

In LET’S GET DETACHED! CALL YOUR ENERGY BACK NOW.  you’ll learn 8 ways to detach from other people’s energies so that you can feel better fast.
You’ll leave the training understanding when and how to detach, and ready to use these 8 tools as often as you need to come back to YOU.


These are the tools I’ve been using and teaching for almost 20 years now!


Why? Because they work.


This course was recorded LIVE and now you can learn right along with the recording it at your own time and pace through this teachable course.


Ready to find out more, or to sign up?


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I hope you’ll check it out!


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