NEW TRAINING! Let’s Get Detached!

LET’S GET DETACHED! A LIVE Online “Tools From The Toolbox” training!
How are you at getting detached?
Do you know how to get other people’s energies our of your energy field so that you can come back to balance and feeling like YOU again?
Being tangled up with other people’s energies can wreak havoc on your life. It causes stress, heaviness, confusion, feeling stuck, fatigue, irritation, and more.
Wouldn’t you like to let that go?
In this first Tools From The Toolbox training — LET’S GET DETACHED! — you’ll learn 5 ways to detach from other people’s energies so that you can feel better fast.
You’ll leave the training understanding when and how to use these tools, and ready to use them as often as you need to come back to YOU.
These are the tools I’ve been using and teaching for almost 20 years now!
Why? Because they work.
Ready to find out more, or to sign up?
Hope to see you there!
Oh, one more thing — I am offering EARLY BIRD PRICING on this one if you sign up by midnight October 18th!
in peace,

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