Oh those angels =)

Oh my gosh the angels were funny this morning. I knew there was a message trying to come through for me. I prepared to do automatic writing to bring it in, and they let me know that they actually wanted me to use the oracle cards instead. So I looked at my cards, and was drawn to both the Life Purpose Oracle Cards and Flower Therapy Oracle Cards decks.

It didn’t feel like I was meant to be doing a 2-deck spread. So I went with the Life Purpose cards. I heard “pull 1”. I pulled FLOWERS: “Working with flowers opens your heart and brings blessings to others through your life purpose.”

I thought what? Huh? What could you be meaning here angels? Then I got still, and tracked back through my thoughts – was there something I’d asked BEFORE I actually did the one card pull? Well yeah – I had asked which deck to use!

HAHA! I laughed, thanked the angels, put the Life Purpose deck back in the box, and received a wonderful powerfully affirming reading from the deck they’d actually wanted me to use all along – the FLOWERS aka the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Oh those angels =)

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