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Skype sessions are face to face distance sessions! You’ll find some testimonials further down on this page.

During the sessions I use all of my regular tools – Reiki, energy transfer and clearing, shamanic techniques, crystals if called to do so, my hands, my voice, and my breath.

We meet up together on Skype at your scheduled appointment time. I suggest that you find a quiet room or space in your home where you can get comfortable, where you will not be disturbed by others or by the phone, where you can relax, and where I will be able to see you when you back up from your computer or device.

We start by setting the intention for our time together, then I take you through a starting invocation and meditation, Next comes a space clearing by me of either the room you are in, or the area immediately around you, or whatever I am called to do to create the sacred space necessary for us to do our highest work together. We then move into the work. Although we are face to face on skype, I am actually able to work all around your body, both front and back, above and below, without and within.


45 Minutes Skype Session: $75



Hey! This experience was so great! Once Dina did the clearing I felt my surroundings completely change, everything felt light and comfortable compared to maybe a more compressed stuffy room feeling. Dina opened the session with a beautiful introduction, which set the space well. When she started the attunement i went from being calm and “the typical me” to feeling a wave of relaxation rush right inside my body, completely stilling everything around me. This moment occurred three times. As i have been attuned before, i was aware that this was Reiki energy. I was asked to listen to any messages i may be receiving….the first one i got was. “WOW THIS ROCKS, TOTALLY POSSIBLE!” lol right!? It was a very fun experiment as we finished up the attunement, Dina even set the intention to bring Reiki into my heart, and once again i was blasted with this beautiful feeling. It’s certainly a twist on how to send Reiki to others, but very effective and personal since we can still see each other through via skype.”

Kristen P., Tupper Lake, NY

It was great!  It was like interactive distance work, and also like a face to face session too!  Our conversation was great and perfect too!

Carrie C., Sabael, NY


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