Programs for Transformation

Are you ready to shift?

Are you ready to step up and get to the other side of whatever it is that holds you back?

Are you ready to work with a master energy untangler and spiritual growth & mindset coach who will help you unpeel the layers and release the blocks that have you stuck or struggling in your life?

Are you ready to take your work with Dina to the next level?

Is it time to invest in YOU?


Introducing the Transformation Intensive, and the Steady Shifter programs. 2 programs to help you shift into the person you’ve always dreamed of being.


  • If you’re looking to change the way you are living in your life
  • If you’re ready to heal the things that are holding you out of your flow
  • If you’re wanting to release whatever has been keeping you way from your natural alignment with Source and soul energies
  • If you’re poised to make a major life transition and want the power and support you deserve to help you flow through it with your Light intact
  • If you’re ready to stop seeking, and to start becoming
  • If you’re open to becoming aligned, thriving, powerful, activated, and happier
  • If you are ready to SHIFT

then the Transformation Intensive or the Steady Shifter may be just what you’ve been waiting for.


In the office, by phone, or a combination of the two. Your choice. With massive support all along the way.


The difference between these 2 amazing and proven intensives, the Transformation Intensive and the Steady Shifter programs,  is (1) the timing of the sessions in the program; and (2) and the level of sustained intensity between sessions.


The Transformation Intensive is for you if you are ready for blast off. We go deep fast, and you’ll stay there for the duration of your program which runs 10 weeks with weekly sessions. The power of the momentum which builds up in the Transformation Intensive helps us break through, heal, and then transform the blocks at any or all levels – mind, body, spirit, emotion, energy – that are holding you back from living your life the way you want to.


If you like to go fast and full on, if you like to get it done, if you are ready for the intensity and shifting of a focused and sustained energy realignment, please click here for the details about the Transformation Intensive:


The Steady Shifter is a bit slower paced with more breathing room built in for you to adjust to the shifts you’ll experience during our work together. The Steady Shifter is 8 sessions over 14 weeks, with the bulk of the sessions taking place every other week. Still a deep dive with powerful momentum, this one gives you the space you may need to make adjustments, fully embody the new tools you’ll be learning, and to acclimate to the emerging person you are as you become whole and aligned with your natural energy and Light.


If a steadier shifting pace with room to adjust sounds or feels more like you, please click here for the details about the Steady Shifter.


These programs are both proven and tested, with amazing results.

Here are a few of the testimonials:


” We are all on this journey of life, and when I started coming to Dina I was stuck in the mud, and being pounded by the elements.  Dina helped me to get realize that I needed to get out of the mud, and showed me how to move forward.  While working with Dina, I came to realize that I am the driver in my journey and I have the choice in where I want to go, how to get there, and how the elements are going to affect me.  How liberating it is to get to your destination, stronger than when you started.

Dina has helped me: focus my life purpose, find peace with my life choices (including the bad ones), face my dark side to help find the light, and find and explore the mysteries of the universe. “


” The 12 week course I signed up for with Dina Kennedy was absolutely life changing. I walked away with realizing how much purpose Dina was able to bring back into my life. I felt like her sessions provided the whole package, as she is very knowledgeable and has much experience under her belt. She has the ability to bring many tools to the table. Three months ago I was in a very tough situation on many aspects such as my relationship, my career, personal life, and even some physical ailments! I now feel like I am walking on sunshine! I feel and know that I will have a successful future due to all that I was willing to let go of and the desire to learn such wonderful tips for my daily life. I feel grounded, clear headed, and have so much faith in my life! Everything I experienced with Dina has been just unbelievably life changing in the best way possible! “



” I took part in the Steady Shifter series with Dina 3 months prior to retirement.  I was anxious about the big change coming up in my life and wanted to do some work around that.  I loved the sessions with Dina, always leaving feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!  She provided me with some excellent energy tools to use.  The culminating experience of the creating a vision board was so powerful.   I have the vision board on a wall in my office. 

It has been so helpful over the past month to look at that when things have happened I didn’t necessarily agree with. “


” I have been working intensely with Dina for the last few months, and without Dina to guide me, I know I would not have found the healing I needed in my life.  Dina looks at life from a different yet refreshing perspective.  Sometimes, some of us, including myself, need to find a new way to view life to move forward.  Dina helped me look at my old patterns of thinking, see through them, and then find new and creative ways to face this new and ever changing world we live in.  I am excited for the new direction my life is going that Dina has helped me fully believe I can achieve. “


Ready to find out more?


Click here to read about and to sign up for the Transformation Intensive:


Click here to read about and to sign up for the Steady Shifter:


I’ll see you there.

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