Reiki & Energy Rebalancing for Children (11 and younger)

Reiki and Energy Rebalancing for Children (9 and younger)

Is your child stressed, over energized, worried? Reiki and Energy Rebalancing for children may be the answer. Children respond instinctually to the loving. healing, grounding and soothing energy of Reiki as it comes through Dina. Dina works with your child’s own energy along with hers plus the energy of Reiki to bring your child into balance, and to gift your child with some coping and self grounding tools to take home. The little ones really do get it!

Sessions with young children generall last about 25 minutes (kids rebalance quickly with Reiki!): $75



“Antwons first Reiki session with Dina Kennedy! He came in with his crazy Antwon energies, Dina calmed him during Reiki to a level not often seen out of Antwon, and he left much more grounded. We had amazing conversation about how to control our energies in which we talked about “tools” to release our crazy energies, and ground his amazing spirit! Another one hooked on Reiki! Thank you Dina!!!”

Antwon 3.5.16

If you ever have surgery I HIGHLY recommend Reiki for healing. I’m amazed with B.’s recovery. During the day he doesn’t always take tylenol for the pain and relatively quite active. I think without Reiki we wouldn’t be where we are! Thanks Dina for your amazing work!”

Video of Brigg’s Acute Care Reiki session: