Reiki for Life Balance

Reiki is an ancient art of hands on healing, used to reduce stress and to return the body and the energy to balance and spaciousness. When we do this, we regain hope, find clarity and ease, move back into our flow, and find it easier to cope with the everyday stresses of our daily lives!

Using Reiki, Dina will gently and effectively remove deeply held energy constrictions caused by stress, illness, injury and/or trauma from your body, replacing this with clean, clear radiant life force energy. There is no wonder that Reiki is found in almost every country in the world!

With over 18 years of experience working with Reiki clients just like you, and having taught Reiki energy healing to hundreds more, “Dina Kennedy is the real deal!”

60 Minute Session: $125

multiple session packages available – please ask for more info.


“Thank you Dina Kennedy for a wonderful Reiki session. If you haven’t tried it, do. It’s a wonderful way to relax, clear your mind, rebalance, and have some quiet time to reflect especially when things in life can be busy and chaotic. Treat yourself! You’ll go back! Dina Kennedy, Energy Healer!”


I feel amazing and wanted to thank you for everything.”


“Dear Dina, Good Morning!  I felt like I had taken a ton of weight off yesterday, thank you.  Wow!