Release the Last 24 Hours!

Releasing the Last 24 Hours (and 2 ways to do it!)


A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post

by Dina Kennedy,



It is really important to release the last 24 hours at least once daily.


You are constantly being bombarded by energy as you go about your life.


You have expectations for the day, intentions for the day, successes and disappointments each day, big and small shocks. All of these things have energy in them.


As life does its regular dance with you, your energy is affected. That’s just how life is, and how energy works.


Your energy gets pulled, pushed, stuffed, twisted, mingled with the energy of others, whether you are aware of this or not. Every single day, and all day long.


So it’s really important to let those energies out at least once a day, and to make space for your body and your energy field to be replenished with clean clear universal life force energy.


This let’s you bring your energy back to you, and lets all those other interfering energies go out and back to where they came from, or away for transmutation.


Here are 2 simple, yet powerful techniques you can do, right now, then every 24 hours or more – and as often as you feel called to (but at least 1x each and every day please).


I share these with my clients, and have been using them myself for many, many years now with great success.


Give them a try and see how you like them. When used consistently, you’ll notice that you are starting to “feel like yourself” again.


I love doing this first one just before going to bed or at night if I wake up worrying.


  1. Take a nice big breath in. Feel your feet on the floor, or, if lying in bed, simply become aware of your feet.
  2. Take another breath in, stretch your toes and feet, and let the breath go with an audible sigh.
  3. With your next breath, on the inhale say to yourself: “I freely release this day, and all that came with it” then blow it out with the exhale – really bow that day out.
  4. Shake out your arms from the shoulder, and your hands and fingers.
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 once more.


That’s it! Easy peasy.


Here’s the second one, this one asks Archangel Michael to assist. Try this even if you aren’t an angel believer, as it will still help.


  1. Take a nice breath in. Feel your feet on the floor. Exhale with a sigh.
  2. Say: “Archangel Michael, please release any and all cords, hooks and attachments that came into my energy over the last 24 hours NOW. Thank you.”
  3. Just be still for a few breaths, and let the energy shift as he does his work with you. Stretch your body as needed as the release occurs.


And that’s it for that one! Again, easy peasy and very effective.


It is so important to clear your energy at least once every 24 hours. Please add these two simple, quick, and powerful tools to your life, beloved one.


And if you still feel stuck, not like yourself, spinning, stressed, or out of balance please do think about doing a session or series of sessions with me, by phone or in the office. Because you are an important being in this world, and we need you.


In peace,



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