Moving Toward Wholeness --
Remagnetizing the Internal Compass

A 5 Week Exploration of the Core Energies 
of Hope, Ritual, Grounding, Alignment, 
& Morning Practice
with Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

What does it mean to remagnetize a compass?

It means that the compass's delicate internal mechanism has lost its way, that it can't find its true north, that something has knocked it off its poles and that it needs a strong magnet to reset, or remagnetize it, so that it orients towards home again.

The same happens to us.

We lose our way.

We lose our magnetic home.

We can't seem to connect to our true north anymore.

The energies of life have knocked us off kilter, made moving forward feel too challenging, have made us feel like giving up in frustration or despair, gotten us spinning or stuck, just not knowing how to ground or regroup anymore.

We need a magnetic reset.

We need a strong energetic realignment back to an Internal Compass that connects us to our true north, our magnetic internal home, our Light.

And that's what we'll be doing in Moving Towards Wholeness -- Remagnetizing the Inner Compass. Taking a 5 week journey together and creating an energetic and magnetic reset for your inner compass.

If you'd like to do a deep reset of  your internal compass back to your true north & internal home, if you're ready to start feeling & acting from your wholeness again, if you are ready to come back to your Light, this is for you.

Welcome to Moving Toward Wholeness -- Remagnetizing the Internal Compass

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Moving Toward Wholeness -- Remagnetizing the Internal Compass will take place over 5 weeks. Think of it as a deep dive of a journey with me as your guide!

  • The Core Energies we'll be exploring and remagnetizing with over our 5 week journey together are the energies of:

  • ~ HOPE
  • ~ RITUAL
  • and

What We'll Be Doing Together:  Each week on the Live Call I'll be connecting you to one Core Energy through journey work, guided imagery, word play, ritual, and more. You will meet each energy, and come to know its nurturing, re-homing presence deeply. 

We'll continue to connect to, or realign with, the energies as each week goes along, through sharing, more imagery, permission statement work, and ritual.

All of our time together is about setting up a strong remagnetizing of your Internal Compass so that you can come from your wholeness and Light once again.

This is powerful, soul realigning and Light filled work! 


~ FIVE 90 Minute Live Online Calls with me to meet and connect with that week's Core Energy in a deep, profound, realigning way


~ FIVE Weeks of interaction via a private facebook group (or email if you don't facebook) with prompts, guidance, suggested explorations and more


~whatever else Spirit suggest for me to help you explore then anchor in the energy and reset your true North, your internal safe place of home, your Light, your compass that shows you the way back..

  • Moving Toward Wholeness -- Remagnetizing the
  •  Internal Compass is a highly interactive deep dive into some amazing energies and refocus. I'll be offering you loads of experiential activity & support. I've modeled it on my successful & always sold out One Day Retreats, but have spread the exploration over five weeks instead of 8 hours, and taken it online so that we can go deeper, and so that you can participate too. I do hope you'll join me. It's going to be quite an adventure!

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The 5 Live Interactive Group Training Video Calls will take place from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EST on 5 consecutive Saturdays: February 22, February 29, March 7, March 14, and March 21.

The interactive facebook group will open on Friday, February 21. 


We will be on for the calls (free & easy to use), and all calls will be recorded

and the recordings shared (so don't worry

if you can't make each one live).

Details to follow before the first call.


* Payment plan selectively available if needed -- just ask before registering. 

Not a fan of paypal? Email me to register and to get info about paying by check BEFORE the class begins.

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in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for

Untangling Energy

For Your Life, for Your Business, for Your Journey 


Moving Toward Wholeness -- Remagnetizing the Internal Compass

5 Interactive LIVE Online

Group Calls (recorded)

5 week private, interactive facebook group to take your exploration of the core

energies further

Remagnetize back to YOUR true north & internal home, and start feeling like YOU again.

Begins Saturday February  22nd!


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