Remote Healing

Remote healing (also known as Distance Healing) is a powerful, effective healing where we are not face to face. I connect to your energy field, and then, using a variety of Reiki techniques, I clean, clear, and realign the energy of you or the person for whom you have requested the session.

To do this work I need the name, birth date, and physical location of the person to whom I will be connecting energetically. Or I can work from a current photograph.

Nothing else is required! You do not to be awake, you do not need to be still, you don’t even need to set your timer as if this were an appointment. You go about your life, and I go about your realignment.

I generally type out notes as the session proceeds so that I can share any important insights with you after the close of the session. I send these, when appropriate, via email.

Sessions begin at $55 and can be done for anyone anywhere in the world.