Setting Yourself Up for the Win

Setting Yourself Up for the Win

a “Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives” Blog Post by Dina Kennedy, 4.14.2017


Isn’t it funny how often we find things about ourselves that we want to change?

Aren’t we funny in how we only look at what’s not “going right”, and in how we bypass all the things that are going well when we look at ourselves?

Aren’t we a little crazy with our often unattainable high expectations of ourselves?

What I’ve come to learn over my 18 years of working with clients, which follows my 18 year career on Wall Street – talk about yin and yang – is that the old adage – you get more flies with honey – is really an energetic truth.

Especially when you want to shift a habit!

If you want to make a change – one that will hold – the key is to set yourself up for the win.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a winner? Winning simply feels good. It has an expansive and uplifting energy that makes you want more of the same.

Think about it for a minute. When the desire to make a change adds stress, how does that feel? Stress constricts the body and the energy, making it even harder to make the desired change.

But if you can find that sweet spot where the change is something that feels good to move into, you’ll feel an energetic opening, and repeating the new action becomes an act of self love and expansiveness.

That’s a win!

So let’s get practical. Here are some tools and tips I teach my clients when they are looking to step into a shift in this positive, expansive way.

1. Be reasonable. Set up goals that are actually going to be achievable in the time frame you are aiming for. If you have a really big shift you want to make – for instance, meditating 30 minutes a day – chunk it down. For our meditating example that would mean starting with 3-5 minutes a day, and gradually building up to the 30 minutes.

2. Give it enough time. I recommend giving any shift you are attempting at least 30 days of attention and more. This is a much easier energy to both embrace and to get used to! We don’t want to create stress with the shift – we want to create joy and expansion. There’s nothing wrong with slow and steady.

3. Be proud of yourself for every small step. You will build the vibrational match to this new habit much more quickly when you remember to focus on each win, and to cheer yourself on. I recommend setting up a little notebook where, at the end of each day, you write down at least one win towards that goal. Maybe you are wanting to eat more healthfully, and you had an apple that day. Write it down! Reinforcing that positive vibration right before bed is a fabulous way to carry your new expansive energy into dream time.

4. Make it enticing. How could the development of this new habit been the most delicious thing imaginable? What rewards will you reap when you are the winner in this goal? Be really clear on why you’ve decided to pursue this goal, and on the rewards it will bring your life. What is it moving you TOWARDS?

5. Use props! Timers, trackers, stars and smiley faces all count. I like to use props daily (I have timers and reminder notes all over the house!) and to check off on my calendar when I’ve done my new daily action. Those check marks are a powerful positive visual which reinforces the vibration I am developing.

6. Be kind. Celebrate the wins, ignore the not wins. Focus only on the positive, and be kind to yourself.

7. And finally, as I learned from the wonderful brain trainer Dana Wilde – no more than three goals at a time please – our brains don’t deal well with more than three.

You can so do this, you winner you. I wish you joy in the shifting.

In deep peace,

Dina Kennedy

Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives

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