Shake it out.

ok, I’m starting to get a lot of private messages from folks who are scared and in shock. Here’s the deal, my Lightworker friends. You are feeling not only your own shock, but the shock of the collective and the world.

No matter which way you voted.

The collective shock of the world is a HUGE energy, and it is hitting everyone. Trump supporters and non Trump supporters alike.

You must shake it out. You don’t want that clamping down and getting stuck in your energy field. It’s uncomfortable and unhealthy. Leaving it in there will make you sick, and prevent you from thinking clearly. Get it out of your bodies, over and over and over again.

Dance. Exercise vigorously. Shake out your hands. Stomp your feet. Drum, rattle, chant. Move the energy. Come back to your Light. If you have children, help them do this too. They are also being bombarded bu the energy.

That’s all I’ve got for you so far. You are so loved.

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